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    try and receive mail! Just started happening. Every time i check my email with bundled Email client on Treo (Sprint service) the message pops up "receiving email" and then it soft resets. I've soft reset. I've hard reset and reinstalled all my apps. Still crashes.
    Is there a preferences file that may be corrupted or something? Otherwise, can i delete and reinstall the original email application?

    I would GREATLY appreciate any help. It is killing me not having my mail!
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    This might be the solution.
    For some reason I have this same problem sometimes, and it seems to be something in an email that the palm email client can't handle. Basically if you check your email from somewhere else, and therefore bypass downloading that email since its not there to be downloaded any more, you might fix the problem.
    Worth a shot, its how I do it for my occasional reset problem.
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    thanks so much albertb, i'll give it a try
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    albertb, you Da Man. It worked. thanks now i'm just bummed that i didn't ask first before hard resetting my treo!!!!!!!!! oh well, i love entering all those bookmarks
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    haha well good luck getting all those bookmarks back in!
    I don't know what causes the problem, but seems like we found the solution.
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    FYI, get a backup program (Backupman is my favorite). It makes things so much easier. I can hard reset my Treo right now, and in 5 minutes be right back to where I was at 5:00 this morning (when it automatically backed me up). All without touching a a computer or a wire!
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    KRamsauer, i tried backupman, it did some weird stuff (caused some hard resets etc.) during scheduled backups. really caused me some headaches. I may go back and try it again. If it will restore all my preferences, and email accounts then i WILL try it again. I have been trying to get less dependent on the computer as i travel and have been trying to only use the treo.
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    I love BackupMan

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