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    So what do ya'll think?

    Sure does looks like the old 180g form factor to me!!! It has the flip cover and all! So are there any old-timer 180g users still around here who would like one these QDA 700's?
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    gfunkmagic, thanks for this great news. i had given up hope on thumb-boardless palmOS smartphones, and now comes this sleek thing with all sorts of multimedia possibilities. i still got my 180g, but its just about functioning and on the verge of giving up its ghost. presently my main phone is a tungstenW - but as soon as a pure graffiti smartphone comes out and is available in germany, i'm going for it.
    in the meantime, here's some more info about the qool qda-700 which i found from the palmsource website.
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    On the outside, the QDA-700 seems to be more of the (old) Motorola breed than the Treo's... a killer phone, anyway. I'd definitely go for the red one.

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