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    I have the original Innopocket Aluminium case which I liked a LOT. It was SO well made for the Treo w.r.t. the cutouts (well, besides the 6 th grade cut at the bottom) and it was:
    A) Stylish
    B) Custom Made
    C) S-t-r-o-n-g

    However, it also happened to have:
    A)A unusable belt clip
    B)A star trekie hinged door
    C) No instant access to keyboard or screen.

    I kept using the horizontal Treo case from Palm One since it was one of the more professional everyday cases for meetings etc.

    But, every now and then, I would slip the Treo into the Aluminium case and sigh at what could have been. Expensive as it was, I did not want to spend more on the modified Aluminium cases out there with the caller id cutout.

    I then embarked on one of the most rigorous engineering ventures known to man to come up with the attached design modification.

    WARNING! Do NOT try this without the written manual I am working on!

    There is only one word to describe the final outcome: ZEN

    Results of this experiment:

    Coolness: 10.0
    Reversibilty of Modification: 100%
    Disfigurement of original model: 0%
    Attached Images Attached Images
    I have detailed files.
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    Awesome. Are you going to post the files for the mod? Do I need a dremel tool and a case to start with or what? Wow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PCTreo
    Awesome. Are you going to post the files for the mod? Do I need a dremel tool and a case to start with or what? Wow.

    Take a long skinny nail and a small hammer and point the nail on the top open hole of the hinge. Hammer out delicately, as much of the hinge pin to expose out of the other end (depends on the length of the nail you have).
    Then take a needle nose plier and yank that baby out.

    I have detailed files.
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    i thought about doing this a long time ago but the whole point of the innopocket case is the protection of the face. would WOULD be cool however is to be able to detach and re-attach the face at will using some sort of notch system. So in meetings etc, you can detach the face and leave it in your bag or what not, and when vigorous use periods are over, reattach and be on your way.

    also the innopocket has a high cool factor. some guy saw me using the phone while in the case and he was like "wow - what's that phone. it has no keypad!! so cool! just like a block of steel against your ear" heeh
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