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    I often get palm alerts (Agendus, BugMe!, etc), WHILE on a phone call...loud and in my ear, disturbing myself and the person I'm on the phone with. Vibrating is bad too. My previous Palm phone (Samsung i500) waited until I was off the call to beep, buzz, or vibrate.

    Is this for real...?

    OK, this has to be a really bad dream. Maybe it's some software I have installed. Please don't tell me palmOne didn't program the ALERTS (audible or vibrating) to WAIT until you've completed the phone call....

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    what if you're on a long phone call and forget that you have a meeting in 5 minutes? Personally, there's no way I'd want the alert to wait until the call is completed.
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    and, is not a bad dream.. it is supposed to do that.
    I have detailed files.
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    And I also like it that way, ah-huh. Reminds me of an old song. Ben
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    Really, everybody thinks it's great? I'm surprised. So explain why the Samsung i500 does NOT work this way?

    Maybe it's because I don't use the phone much, so it's rare that I need the loud beeping in my ear to remind me to change the battery in my pacemaker.

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    CognizanT, I have the same pet peeve. Brought this up a while ago but no one seems to be as annoyed about this as I am However in one of the threads about this the developer of CallFilter said he's working on a version of CallFilter that will prevent this from happening. That's the only response to this problem that I've heard in months, so I hope he follows through
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    Here's one thread on this topic.
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    Hmmm...I can't seem to find the thread about CallShield (or was it Call Filter?), but here's another group of people who share your pain.
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    I like the alerts. I have them for a reason. If the company servers go down and I'm chatting on the phone, that's not going to be a happy situation at work.
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    True, but I've been on important phone calls when all of a sudden a Trumpet blares in the background telling me I have new mail. Now the speakers are really close to the mic, and the alarm is LOUD, and I'm left embarassed and apologizing to the user on the other end. If I am lucky enough to put the phone on vibrate after I pick up the call, the vibrate alarm still goes off, and I've had callers ask if there was a lamb or two in the background making sounds (the vibrate sounds like a "Baaaaaaaaaaaa!").

    It sounds like there are good reasons for having both ways, none necessarily stronger than the other. That implies there should be some sort of option to allow/block alerts during phone calls. I personally think this should have been in the phone to begin with, but I'll settle for a third party app to do the trick.
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    this feature needs to be optional...
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