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    Im using two unlocked palmone t600's on cingular (ones a replacement for the echo but i havent returned it yet) and now they both randomly hangup after dialing, so now i am dialing a number about 30 to 40 times before i get a call to complete. of course when it does go through the call gets dropped even though i have full signal strength. This happens a few times a day and i'm usually using the headphones ....

    anythoughts?, anyone elese have the problem?

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    omoanya, I have recently had the same type of issues. I am using Cingular. However, I live in South Florida and we were hit yet again with another hurricane. The last hurricane (3 weeks ago) crippled our power, water, phones, internet and cell service for at least a week. During that time I would have full signal bars on my phone and when I attempted to dial a number it would go through as normal, but then it would simply jump back out to the dial pad (like I had never dialed a number), no error or anything. This happened on and off for about 10 days. Then everything went back to normal (I assumed that Cingular got it all fixed again).

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    If both your phones have the same phone number they can not be on at the same time, the tower can only lock one phone signal per phone number, when you dial, the power drops down a little and it picks up the other phone.

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