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    When using goodlink and sending email it automatically shows you the email addresses for any person who you sent or received an email from. I have sent the wrong people email now on many occassions.. For ex, if i type in A B i'll get "al boan" and "al bean"..... how can i delete one or more people from showing up other than doing a full delete and restore of the software? any help appreciated.
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    I don't believe you can edit this listing. You may get better results by typing the full last name or first name.
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    Goodlink is an exact replication of your Outlook contacts, therefore you will need to delete or edit the name out in one of the 2 places. There should be no difference between what is on the Treo on what is in you Outlook on your desktop/server.

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    If you go into your Contacts and select "Company History" from the pull down in the upper right hand corner you can delete any e-mail addresses you don't want. I've had a similiar problem because I send messages through our paging system from Outlook and have sent several messages from the Treo to people's pagers instead of e-mail accounts!!!! This has seemed to resolve my issues hope it helps you!

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