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    Until Blackberry comes out with their client on the PalmOS, I need to get access to my Outlook emails on my Treo. Unfortunately, the only way seems to be using something like Visto's client software. But the way I understand how this works is that you install their software on your PC and have Outlook running on it and when emails come in, the Visto software forwards them to the Visto server and you get emails using the Visto software on your Treo that gets the email from their server. Doesn't this expose my emails to peeping eyes? How secure is this?

    Does anyone know of another software that can do this as well? maybe for less than $99?

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    silky_green, this is also the way Blackberry works, even when you have a server behind the firewall, as opposed to using the redirector software on your desktop (i.e., the e-mail goes through an external Blackberry server in either case). It is fairly secure, as all transmissions are encrypted. If you want to try something cheap, get in on the Seven beta by surfing to It is very similar to Visto and the beta is free. It has several enhancements over Sprint's BCS (which is based on Seven) and is roughly equivalent to Visto in feature set (doesn't have everything, but has a few things that Visto doesn't). Search the forum and you'll find several threads discussing this.

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