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    I can't wait much longer before I strangle myself. Someone just tell me it's out already.
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    For me it's like a roulette table. Who knows what phone I'll end up with when I give up waiting and have to get something new.
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    Just get them all

    Seriously, it's probably going to be out of the door before Christmas... patience.
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    Yah, I've lived with my broken Treo 300 (using a headset) for a couple months. I actually got my original purchase price on the Treo300 back via Warrantech. So the $350 + $150 rebate for 18mos of Sprint service should hopefully come close to buying a 650!
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    My company is just about to sign up for a Sprint corporate account, and our Sprint-rep-to-be is giving us a statement in writing that if we get T600s now, they'll swap us out for the mid-November according to them.

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