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    I am not able to HotSync using IR. Problem seems to be related to Desktop software not recognizing that IR is available on laptop but I cannot figure out why.

    Here's how I try to perform a HotSync using IR: I have selected "IR to a PC/Handheld" option in the HotSync window on the Treo. When I press the HotSync icon on the Treo screen I get a message saying "The connection between your handheld computer and the desktop could not be established . . . ." There is no indication on the laptop that the IR port has recognized the Treo.

    I am using Windows XP (SP2 installed) and have enabled the IR port on the laptop. Network connections shows the IR port enabled (under Incoming Connections). Nevertheless when I click on the HotSync icon in the system tray, it does not show IR as an option to check. I have reinstalled the Desktop software (version 4.1). I have tried various alternatives with the Serial option (I tried both COM1 and COM6 which were the only options shown) but that didn't seem to make any difference.

    Problem does not appear to be with the Treo itself. I can HotSync using the USB port. I have checked the Treo's IR communications with another device and it propertly communicates via IR with that device (my printer has an IR port and I sent an item from the Treo which the printer received and printed).

    Any ideas as to why IR HotSync is not working?
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    Basics: If you can use the IR port for anything else on your PC, it is probably setup OK. Here is a quick test - beam a contact from your Treo and point the Treo at the PCs port. If you get no reaction from the PC, your IR is not setup.

    You probably need to delve into your PCs manual/support and figure out how to activate the IR port.

    PS IR HotSync is slooow and battery draining. I suggest you try a USB/Charging travel cable instead if you want to travel light.

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