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    I just got a mess of Nextel GPS enabled phones for my workers in the field. The integrated GPS is really awesome, they can download maps of where they are if they get lost. They can find each other, and I can keep tabs on them! I know, I know - no GPS in the 650... A missed opportunity, in my opinion - it's wonderful functionality.

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    Everyone I work with uses the same phones and functionality combined with the service.

    I have to think there's something technological with Nextel that works well with GPS. Maybe it preserves power by using the cell phone towers as a hint?. Otherwise, why wouldn't we see GPS on CDMA or GSM phones? Until the Treo works on the iDen networks, I can't fault it too much for not having GPS. I never expect a convergence device to do something that other dedicated devices don't do.
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    the iden phones have built in 3 channel gps receivers, they aren't as accurate as 12 channel receivers and i believe they also get help from the e911 tower system. The treo supports e911 so if you really wanted to know where you are, just call 911... you get a sprint operator first to ask you what the nature of the emergency is and they have the ability to spot where you are.
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    I think taking Kenundrum's advice may be illegal. One should never call 911 unless it's a true emergency. Imagine if you wanted to know what street you were on and someone was in a real life-death emergency.

    Kenundrum's advice aside, I don't think Sprint would give me driving directions, help my company track if I made a delivery to the right place at the right time, or any of the multitude of the location-based services that are cropping up today. According to an IDC survey says that 3 location-based services rank as the most important uses of a mobile device. e911 supplies only one of them.

    I don't think I'd need something super accurate, I'd settle for the 80/20 solution with this for the first go around.

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