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    Subject says it all. This is really annoying!

    I was sending a text message about 20 minutes ago, and my phone suddenly reset... and continued to reset over and over again after trying to connect to Wireless each time.

    Only a hard reset would stop the thing from the reset loop. Luckily, I back up often onto a SD card.

    Restoring from the SD card (last known backup was a week ago -- working fine) results in the same problem -- phone resets continuously.

    Hard reset results in boot success, but one reset when it tries to connect to Wireless. After it resets, it boots, but with Wireless mode off. Attempting to connect results in a single reset.

    Anyone else had this problem?

    I spoke with a VZW customer service agent in the Wireless Data Group, who is going to send me a "new" phone (presumably refurbished?) in two days, but I thought someone on here might have had the same experience.

    thank you!
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    You should apply TreoCentral FAQ number 63

    I've seen the problem with multiple resets on SMS or voicemail message waiting indicator in three series of problems... each time I solved it with the battery disconnect reset plus erasing all SMS related files in the HotSync Backup folder. After doing the restore HotSync, everything was fine for many weeks... until the next bout of a problem. Finally, after upgrading (with a clean HotSync user name and emtpy backup folder) to firmware version 3.05 for my GSM Treo 600, the problem seems to have gone away forever.

    Note: some Treo 600 do not respond with the by pressing K and backspace while poking the reset hole. Other builds of Treo 600 need to have J and L keys pressed at the same time the reset hole is touched.
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    CDD -

    Thanks for replying! I just tried the fix you mentioned. K and Backspace + reset for 4 seconds disconnects power on mine (J and L don't do anything different than a standard soft reset). I waited 60 seconds, plugged it in to power source, and turned it back on.

    Then, I connected to wireless, and the device resets again (same problem).
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    I had this problem recently and realized that my memory was topped out. I surmised that as I used up the last byte it was causing the unit to reset. I moved a few large files to my SD and it's been fine ever since. BTW I have Sprint. Hope this helps.
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    I bought treo 600 couple of weeks ago. My 14-day warranty of returning the treo back to Verizon just expired. After receiving an SMS today, my treo 600 has gone into a crazy mode. It resets indescriminately. After talking to Verizon tech expert, I reset the PDA, hard reset it but of no avail.

    After surfing the net, I notice that this problem has been faced by many.

    Any clue other than changing the PDA and wasting effort, money?


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    Very interesting folks. I had the same thing happen to me this morning during the NYC Roadshow. My Treo was resetting incessently. I have still not figured out the problem. I'm on Verizon's service. This is the first time I've experienced such behavior.
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    The constant reset happened to me even after performing the battery disconnect reset. The phone needed to be replaced. I think this is a known problem at VZW.
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    try holding down the power button while resetting. Then release it will ask you if you want to wipe all data. Press up for yes, and it will reset to factory. This should fix the problem, of course you will loose all your data, and will have to re sync it, but if the problem returns then it has to do with a program you installed, try syncing items one at a time.
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    Oh boy, it has happened to my phone a 2nd time. After performing the battery hard reset and not restoring anything at all, selecting SMS causes resets. Tomorrow, I'll call VZW for another replacement. I wish they'd find a fix for this bug. It is really annoying.

    (This is why I NEVER purchase software where registration is based on a device ID. I don't have the time to get new registration codes for 50+ programs after replacing my device.)

    Once again, back to my Kyocera 7135! I can't go a weekend without being able to receive text messages from my employer and employees.
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    one possible cause of this problem is a corrupted/out-of-synch mail folder.

    i just got a replacement phone from Sprint (the loose battery connector problem) and was getting the reset bug whenever i tried to connect to retreive email using the standard mail app. it was resetting after connecting to my mailbox.

    i tried removing the mail db from my backup folder, did a hard reset, and hotsynched everything back.

    i had to reenter my mail settings, but it worked.

    i'm on my third treo (network search bug, then the loose battery connector hardware issue) and i have to say i'm still a fan.
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    Hey people,
    At lease for us Verizon customers, I don't think you need a new phone, just the firmware update.
    It starts resetting (as it did with mine) when you get a text message with a short number in the message.

    Quote from palmOne:
    Fixes an issue in which SMS messages to or from certain short numbers (such as SMS voting) resulted in duplicates or resets

    I've yet to successfully install this update as I didn't follow the directions exactly so it failed (i don't have my charger with me at work!)

    Hope this helps some.
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    psymon00, thanks for the post My Verizon treo 600 has been going crazy ever since I recieved a text message last week. Worked fine with messaging for about 3 weeks. I am charging my phone right now and will post back the results of this attempt.

    Recieved text message, select SMS button, phone reboots. After multple attempts at SMS and treo auto rebooting, finally get SMS screen however wireless phone off. Can create text message and send, get prompt to turn on wireless, select ok and message sent. Go to phone or calander, then back to SMS...same reboot issue.

    Also, now getting random resests of the phone. About 10-15 per day. Very annoying when you use this phone for business. Hope it works!
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    Hi All,

    Didn't see any replies after the last post, but just ran into this problem yesterday. Tried the link from Palmone for VZW and the software update really did work and stop the resets from continuing. I finally did get the message that was trying to come through and it had a short number coming from someone using Nextel who actually sent the text to me. Hope it worked for most of you too. Thank you PSYMON00. I thought my Treo needed to be replaced. Whew!
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    Replaced 2 Treos with this problem. I will try this update and let you know if it works... I'm on my third and have the same problem. It is ridiculous that VZW hasn't dealt with this and is sending out Treos with this problem en masse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mydonner
    I had this problem recently and realized that my memory was topped out. I surmised that as I used up the last byte it was causing the unit to reset. I moved a few large files to my SD and it's been fine ever since. BTW I have Sprint. Hope this helps.
    Sorry for a stupid question, but HOW do I move a few bulky files to an SD if Treo continuously reboots? All I can see is "memory full" message and then another reset comes.

    Just like in the movie: "One candle left to burn now... Before the darkness come"

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