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    Get the $15 Sandisk rebate form here:

    The lowest price I found as of 9/27 is $65 with free shipping:

    I think i'm gonna go for this.

    SD card performance is key! Who cares if I have a 1 GB card that slows down my PDA like crazy during mp3 playback, and records choppy audio?


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    i think the ultra II's are around 60x speed. Don't quote me on this but judging from average numbers of VFS, it falls in that area.
    As for 1GB sd card that slows down the pda during mp3 playback - it's not so much the card once you get in the 32x, 45x, 60x speeds, it's the program you are using. Ptunes does slow down quite a lot during OGG and MP3 playback , even during Shoutcast play. it's more TREO 600 processor/memory related.

    As for price, that's not a bad price for Ultra II if it is around $50 after rebate. Since it's $46, even better, provided there is no 25% tax I'd bite on it because these cards are QUITE good in other devices as well - cameras, mp3 players, PPC, etc. Very Nice find

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