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    I have a large number of software applications on my Treo 600, and frequently one or another of them can be updated with newer versions of the software. I know that the best way to figure out the ideal means to upgrading a particular app is to read the user manual or any online documentation and look for something regarding upgrades to the software, but there are a number of apps that don't provide information on this...I guess I am most concerned here with the 'method' of I first uninstall the existing software, or just overwrite it? Is there one way that's 'generally' considered the ideal means of doing this, or is it just something that's totally different from app to app? Please advise...Thanks!

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    If in doubt disable the app first, if that check box exists. That would be my first "rule"

    Also, make a note of any app that requires you to soft reset after you first installed it. I would then treat these with caution and remove them completely and then soft reset before you loaded the newer version.

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    I'd also suggest to always keep a backup of the previous version, in case you want to revert back to it for some reason
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