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    In Zlauncher I accidentally created a shortcut in RAM to my SMS program, how do I delete the shortcut only??
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    I just tried this on my Treo and it worked. Tap and hold onto the sms shortcut that you accidently created. Select Trash Bin from drop down menu. When the Trash Bin popup menu appears, make sure you check delete app and move to trashbin and uncheck delete app db's and app prefs. Then select ok and then goto to the Trash Bin to see which files have been placed there. Only the sms shortcut should be present. Now just select all and delete!. Fyi, don't worry about deleting the main sms app b/c you can't! It's in Rom and therefore cannot be deleted. However, following these steps, you should be able to save your sms history, prefs, and lookup short list...

    Hope that helped!
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    Thank you - it worked as stated. Also appreciate the insight i.e., SMS being in ROM.

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