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    Quote Originally Posted by suskind
    Trust me, next P1 phone is not going to be in treo form factor if they want to add bigger screen. Either it's going to be flip phone or detachable.
    Trust me, trusting you is the furthest thing from my mind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by suskind
    Wll here we go. For first Cobalt phone model Palm abandoned thumbpad and use standard QVGA screen instead of square.

    So much for 'where is the thumbpad' crowd.
    Where do you get the idea the Qool uses Colbalt? Here is the quote from the article. "At the software level, Qool is based on the operating system Palm OS 5.4 "Garnet""
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lomax
    I know the 650 will run Garnet but thought you may be interested in this article on The Reister with info from P1's European dev conference...

    What's with you people? PalmSource and PalmOne aren't the same company. This article is about PSRC not PLMO.
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    This would be a good choice for people who want the Treo 270/300 form factor and not the thumbboard. Thats not me, I prefer the Treo 6xx form factor.

    It is a little smaller (length-wise) and lighter by 29g which is good but not outstanding.

    Good to see another OEM coming out with a worthy smart phone, provides some competition for palm1

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