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    Hi All,

    Lately I havent used my find function file in awhile. But When I do it.. it goes up to either mail... (now switched to snappermail to avoid mem-leak) and it reboots my palm for no reason. Any ideas on what could cause this? It kinda stinks that I cant search or find things in my palm anymore..

    Its something stuck in my palm because on a full reset I try the option and its fine. Any help id appreciate.. Thx!
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    Find basically calls each application you have installed. There is a special find event received by the application which it can either support or not support. So, it's most likely a bug in one of the applications which supports find, or there is some corrupt data in one of the application databases that gets searched.
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    Hi All, after much troubleshooting.. SplashID was the culprit.. RnR'd and its ok.. figured after snappermail SplashID was the next thing in the FIND area..

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