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    I wanted an NBA schedule on my Palm. offered it in .csv only. I downloaded, imported into Outlook, and then synched Outlook with Yahoo. I then synched Yahoo with my Treo, which entered all the data into the Calendar on the Treo. Then, I synched with the Palm Desktop, assuming that the new calendar items would be entered into Palm Desktop. NOT. I can't figure out why these items on the handheld won't synch with the desktop. Help!
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    I figured it out. When I installed the Yahoo Intellisych software, it replaced the standard datebook conduit in the SynchManager with its own conduit. So I uninstalled the Yahoo conduit, and the standard conduit returned.

    Seems dumb. Seems like you ought to be able to have both conduits available so that if you want to use all three datebooks, they're all in synch.

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