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    I searched but didn't find any reference to this site that is selling a replacement lid for the 300 that has the broken hinge problem.

    Anyone try to do this? I ordered one off eBay last night, hope it works. I took mine apart and was able to get the old lid off pretty easily, how I will get the new one on worries me. Either the new lid will have to have a little give so I can snap it on or maybe the knob on the left can recede, I didn't look into that when I had it apart.
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    If that doesn't work out, then you can get the whole case here:
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    The new lid came in today and it was a cinch to replace. The hinge pin on the right can recede, you have to hold it down with a thin screwdriver and simply slide the new lid on as you pull the screwdrive back. Seems as good as new.

    I'm very pleased with this $25 repair.

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