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    I know the Treo doesn't support wifi, but with BT support coming or even via exisiting WAN is there a way to duplicate the functionality of the software at I think that's some funky fun software.
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    bmacfarland, checkout this Geek article about how to do something similar to this:

    I remember reading this a while ago. You can setup a remote WinAMP controller on your Treo using VNC and an app called Palm AMP. Read the article for more info. Also there a few freeware apps that let you use your palm as a remote to contol winamp on your desktop:
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    Excellent, thanks for the help. I'll give these a look into. I'm thinking this becomes more useful with wifi or bluetooth as I don't want to not receive calls because I'm streaming music.
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    I have a few fellow Treo users using Pocket Tunes and connecdting to shoutcast stations via the sprint network. Seems to be working out for them quite well. With an MP3 server set up and an always on internet connection running WinAmp you should be able to achieve this without WIFI. I was a bit hung up on the WIFI-less Treo and was looking into wifi sd cards..but with the Tmo data service (freebie or tzones), Pocket Tunes Deluxe and a cable modem at home, streaming these out to the treo seems very feasable. I know the sprint network seems a bit faster and have not tried it with my Tmo connection...anyone doing this with Tzones? Are special ports needed? I think I am stuck with port 23 & 80 for now unless I upgrade.

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