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    Any thoughts on the best RSS reader for the Treo?

    I have tried Hand/RSS which works well.

    Just came across Yanoff (wonder if it takes less space than Hand/RSS which is a bit high at 423K).

    Anyone have experience with both (or other RSS readers)?

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    Don't forget MNews from MotionApps as well:

    I have HandRss and agree it works well, but MNews seems like it may have better 5-way navigation...although I haven't tried it yet myself...
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    Hey gfunkmagic, you are the resident zlauncher expert as far as I can tell......can you help me concerning my recent post titled "Zlauncher shortcuts"? Greatly appreciated if u can.....
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    Friendly Bump...Anyone tried Yanoff or Hand/RSS?

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    tried all 3...i prefer mNews over Hand/RSS though...much nicer interface and download.
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    I actually like using Plucker, so much so that I've given up using avantgo. I was a devoted avantgo user prior to developing my affinity for Plucker and only keep avantgo on my treo for when i travel ... Note: plucker requires jpluck (on your pc) to grab and translate the feeds to the palm reader.

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