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    My Treo 300 was replaced by Circuit City when the hinge broke after one year. Now exactly 1 more year later the stress cracks are showing again, Circuit City is saying this is a known issue with Treo 300 and Sprint will fix it . Sprint is in complete denial of this known issue and says it is Circuit Cities problem. I think a class action law suit is in order or is it possible to take these people to small claims court with the extended warranty????
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    My 2nd 300 broke over he summer like yours did. Fortunately I bought a Warrantech extended warranty, and they sent me a check for my original purchase price. I'd highly recommend Warrantech. As of now, I'm using a headset with my 300 and waiting for the 650 to appear!

    Also, you can get a replacement shell for the Treo 300 here:
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    I literally just finished replacing mine and it fired right up.

    hotsync to back up data
    Take off the back cover (4) small philips screws

    disconnect battery it can only plug in one way so dont worry about polarity

    unplug old lid and note which side positive (red) and negative (black) are on mine black was facing toward the center of the unit

    My lid was gone so I cant say how to get an old one off but there seems to be a slit where the spring mechanism is that you can pull it back with. I'd just break the old one off with needlenose pliers by working it back and forthg to break the old lid which you're replacing anyway.

    Feed the new lid wire through where the old one came out and plug it in where you disconnected the old one.

    Now slide the lid on the side with the wire in it

    het a short flat blade and push the spring loaded forked black barrel on the right into the case and slide the right hinge over it. Work the lid up and down till the forked barrel sets into the new lid

    Reconnect the battery and fiddle the back on (no small feat...)

    Push the hard boot reset in the pinhole in the back and you should get a message "erase all data y/n" I selected "n"

    Turn er on and if it works put the back screws in. I had to do the last step 2x because I disconnected the battery accidentally while "fiddling with the back"

    FWIW, after taking the back off I took out the screw in the guts that connects it to the front cover to pull everything out and give it a good cleaning. I'm assuming that the spring loaded part will still retract with the front attached to the guts

    I got my lid on ebay for $24 plus shipping. and it's not as difficult as it might sound if you have a little common sense.


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