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    Does anyone know of the best car cradle for my Treo 600? Only thing is that under Uk law I need to be hands free and the volume from the speaker-phone is too low, so I need to use the headset - I use a Plantronics which plus into the bottom left of the Treo, so any cradle needs to keep this clear.

    As it's virtually impossible to buy Troe accessories in the UK (despite Orange sellin the phone) I'm ready to use e-bay/mail order if required, but I really want to cradle this phone properly as I'm not sure if my current solution (three elasic bands holding the Treo to the arm rest) is actually legal!

    JK, Sandhurst, UK
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    Buy or make your own magnetic mount. You don't need a vradle really, which is only good for one particular phone. Get my car kit, which will not restrict you to one phone. This way you can use it with your Treo 600, the 650 when it comes out, or any phone with a 2.5 mm 3 ring ear/mic jack.

    See this thread on my car kit and magnetic mount. I ship to the UK.

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