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    There was a new commercial on in the Washington DC market today. Shows a woman rushing around an airport talking alternately into two different cell phones. One of them (from the sideview) looked like it might be a Treo 600. Towards the end of the commercial she talks into one, and types on the other, showing it a little better. Yep, it's the Treo 600 (Sprint colors). The commercial was for BWI airport, I have no idea what she was saying as she was talking pretty fast, and the commercial wasn't closed captioned.
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    I was watching MTV (even though I'm not the teenage girl they market to) and saw a rap video by Nelly where he flaunts the treo 600 showing video on the screen BLING BLING! I think the song had something to do with chickenheads or bird calls or something, I don't know...
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    Quote Originally Posted by treo600mad
    Treo 600 @ $389 or Treo 650 @ $600 ?
    Knock it off, Treo600mad! You keep posting the same thing in several different threads! Mention your product in marketplace like everyone else please.
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