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    For those who might be interested, I have just updated the standalone Profeo Light Control to version 0.9.5 (this is not Profeo 600 Lite). And for those, who don't know what Profeo LC is - it is a free (donation-ware) screen/keyboard backlight/contrast/brightness control program for Treo 600, which has more options than many similar programs (with the possible exception of BrightCam, which provides completely different way to control the lights of your Treo ).

    New in this version is the possibility to turn off the keyboard backlight without dimming the screen when not typing and the integrated "Stay On When Charging" functionality, which can be activated either permanently or only during specified period of the day.

    For more information on the options, please see the program documentation, which is available for download in the downloads section of on my web site. The program is also available at the same location.

    Please enjoy responsibly. BTW, this is a beta version, so there might be lingering bugs or other issues. As always, all bug reports, suggestions, feature requests, and donations are welcome.
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    just my $0.02, I like the new interface better than the old one. Being able to quickly edit the times for each makes it a lot easier, because the other options for each mode are more of a set it and forget it type thing. However, I find myself having to alter the times on occasion and having to do it separately for each one on 2 different screens isn't as easy as having both available to me immediately. good job on the new version.
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    Cryogenic, I am glad that you like it. This was my thinking too, so I left the time options on the main screen, instead of moving them with the other mode options.
    Did you use Profeo today ?

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