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    why is it that every time I replace my treo, or any palm for that matter. I do a hotsync and the categories are all messed up on the new device! this is very annoying as my categories are meticulously organized and on top of that I have 3000+ contacts and it would take me hours to fix this mess up!
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    Well, here's what can be done. Before doing the upgrade, open the Palm Desktop and change your options to "handheld device overwrites desktop" (or something like that) and then do the backup. This is very important - your memopad, contacts, et cetera - all need to have the latest data and that is accomplished normally by overwriting the desktop. After the backup is done, I then would copy the entire installation to an out of the way folder. Note - COPY not MOVE. After that, the recommended step is to uninstall the Palm desktop. This really is important. Now, install the new desktop. After installing the new desktop, then change the settings to "desktop overwrites handheld device." Since you COPIED the information to an out of the way folder, you are sure that the info in the folders just updated are correct. Then check your sync settings to make sure you have it set to "desktop overwrites handheld" for the memopad, contacts, datebook, et cetera. Do the initial sync. Test the installation, making sure the contacts are correct, the datebook, memopad, et cetera. If they are not, then because you copied the good ones to an out of the way folder before you started, then you can recopy them to the new folder, reset the palm desktop to "desktop overwrites device" for the problem things (contacts/datebook, et cetera) and then sync again.

    After the initial installation is done, then install the programs you want. That can be done by copying them from the "earlier moved folders" to the new backup folder......then making sure the palm desktop is properly set, which might include setting it to not copy the datebook, contacats, et cetera, do another sycn.

    You probably will be better off though just doing a normall installation of your apps. This gives you the opportunity to ensure you have the latest upgrades and makes sure that others in the household cannot use the computer. It also ensures that the installations are "clean" and no bad data is moved around.

    In my household, we have a desktop and two lap tops accessing a wireless network, so no one can say they do not have Internet access during critical times of stress.

    The big reminder though is to check your desktop settings each and every time you sync - making sure the settings are correct for the action to be taken.

    Also, there are some apps that just will not run properly on the Treo 600.

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    thanks for the info. after years of doing this, I think I know what the culprit is. whenever u need to upgrade/replace simply do a normal hotsync with the old device first. then copy the user data file to a safe place... then hotsync with the new device making sure u have everything set to desktop overwrites handheld AND turn backup/restore OFF AND install OFF as well. so just the addy book, datebook, todolist, memo r set to desktop overwrites handheld. I think the culprit is the backup/restore function messing things up. after this hotsync. check categories and if no problem hotsync again with backup/restore and install on again and it should be fine. luckily I had a mobile backup so I did a restore from sd card which gave me back my correct categories... but lost two weeks worth of new contacts :-( . Be careful guys. learn from my mistakes.

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