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    I am a new member and have had a 600 for about a month now.
    When I am connected to the web and there is an incoming call it is automatically directed to voicemail. I would prefer that the incoming call bumped me off the web. Is this an option?

    Thanks for any input?
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    Not that I know of, when you using the data portion, the voice portion will not work. However, if there is no data being trasfered, then you can get the call or SMS. This is the way the CDMA Sprint Treo600 is, I think GSM can do both, but not the CDMA.

    There are sometimes when I am on the web and I will get the SMS or phone call, but it's only when the arrows are grey, not green.

    Gray arrows = Vision connection
    Green arrows = active data transfer
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    You have that right. Sprint - CDMA - nope. GSM - yes. Sprint/CDMA is also a heavy battery user. With Sprint, if you are passing data, a phone call cannot be received. If you are connected but data is not going/coming, then a phone call can be received. Ben

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