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    I have a new Treo and I want to use it to play audio books from I am having trouble hot syncng the audible files. (I have posted question s about hot sync problems elsewhere.) I can save the book to an SD card but I do not know hat I have to do to play the files on the Treo. Do I need some other application to play audio files from the SD card?

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    You need to:

    Launch Audible and log into your account.
    Connect the treo via USB
    Click on Devices, Add new device
    Select the Treo 600 from the list
    It's been a while since I did it bit I beloeve it gives you a .prc to download.
    Install the .prc file to your treo
    Back to Audible
    Select Devices, Choose mobile device, select the Treo from the list
    Now go to the treo and launch the .prc file
    The connection should now take place.
    Downloads will transfer to the Treo thru the PC
    Once you have it confu=igured it's fast and easy
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    Thanks -
    I will try this from work where I have a cradle. My hot sync cable is not working consistently and I d not want to get hung up again. Will let you know if it works.
    If it doesn't, is there a way to listen to books from the SD card?
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    Your Welcome-
    The Audible application stores to the location of your choice. Just select your preference by changing the radio button in the Audible application on your PC. You can store in both places if you want. Also in comparison to my MP3 player moving to the Treo is fast. If your asking if you can directly move to the SD card I don't think supports that approach.
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    With the audible desktop software you can move the books direct to SD card without hooking up the Treo. You MUST have the audible PRC to listen though. I suggest you RTFM or at least check the help page.
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    Well - in the office with the cradle everything worked fine - I was able to install everyting and load several hours of my book on the treo and it plays back just fine. I was planning on saving the book to the SD card rather than main memery, but I left my SD card at home. And my hot synch cable at home is not working ( I am hoping Verizon will replace it) so I will have to try the download to the card installed on the Treo tomorrow. By the way what does RTFM mean?

    Thanks to everyone for the help. I was amazed how well it worked once I got everything in order

    One last question, what happens if I get a call while I am listening to a book?
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    I have disabled background playback in Preferences so my book stops when the phone rings. It picks up right where it left off when I start playing it again.
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    I am currently listenting to Audible books on my Treo 600 as a non-member (I purchase books when I need them). My wife would like to listen to books as well using her Creative Muvo player. Is there any sort of copy protection that would prevent me from purchasing an Audible book and sharing it between the two devices?

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    I was not able to share downloaded files between two devices, but you can load the Audible manager software onto another computer and specify a different device. I have the Treo and the Otis (got free for a 1 yr subscription). I use the same account name on 2 different computers and the Treo is specified on one computer and the Otis on the other. I have full access to my Audible library online on both.
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    Thank you. That would work for me as well.

    p.s. - I am from Medina, Oh. Good to hear from you.
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    Hope it works out for you! Go Browns!
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    I am able to download to both the Treo 600 and Otis on the same PC just by switching "Device-Change Mobile Device" from the menu.
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    That's good to know. Thanks

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