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    Is it better to uninstall beta trial before loading final paid version? Thanks.
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    That would be theft !
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    how so? hes asking for a discount for purchase and asking if he should uninstall the beta release he has before installing the version he plans on buying...
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    So, he wants a discount he is not entitled to ?
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    Who's to say I'm not entitled to it. Haven't you ever use a coupon to buy anything? What if you weren't aware that a promotion was being offered? Wouldn't want someone to share this information with you? Trust me the companys won't be offering these promotions if they didn't expect them to be used.

    There is plenty of real software theft out there, this is not.

    BTW, thanks spacehog.

    In any case, I will be paying for the software that I use.

    Anyone else?
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    Coupons for groceries, and coupons for discounted software, are apples and oranges, the discounts are for people who fulfilled certain criteria, and are for that person.

    If they give something to you free, unearned, so be it, their loss.
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    Let me give you an example. I was ready to buy some auto supplies on line. On the Audiworld site I asked the same question that I am asking here. Turns out that this vender was offering 10% off to all customers because they supported the site. I did not know about this, but when I asked, the information was politely shared. There was no criteria, just knowledge that the offer was being made. Same kind of situation here.

    Back to the original post, coupon codes anyone, and best way to migrate from a beta trial to a PAID final version?

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    I have purchased a lot of software using on-line coupon codes. Without the discounts, I probably wouldn't have purchased the software. So the coupons generated more profits for the developers.

    Palmgear and Handango often run discounts that come and go. As far as the purchased version of Snappermail, I think it is fine to just install over the top of the existing program.
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    I don't think we've run any promos for months so I doubt there'll be any codes out there... it's on our eStore page because it's part of our provider's interface whether or not we actually have any active.
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