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    The thing I miss about Graffiti is the ability to draw a "/" to start a shortcut. ...and the phone lookup hack I had installed on my Handspring and Palms. What is the best way to assign shortcuts and change the order of lookups on my 600 Calendar (i.e. firstname then lastname then companyname then workphone then cellphone). I must be dense but I haven't been able to find anything yet...
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    Shortcuts still work within an app by pushing the "menu" button and then the letter. You can creat shortcuts to different apps in the "favorites" section of the phone app. Unfortunately you can only change from first name or last name for the list order in the contacts app.
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    That '/' symbol is the 'command bar' I think. You can use Butler (use to be called TreoButler) to get this back. I have mine set to pull up the command bar with either the menu+opt key or hold the menu for a second. Very useful. As far as lookup, check the prefs in that app, there should be a choice for that. Also look at TAKEphONE by that app has a killer search function and a whole lot more, like the OS5 hack to dial from any app and such
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    Also check out the freeware program Shortcut5, which inserts into your Prefs and allows you to create shortcuts that are entered by typing the period and then the shortcut (for example, I type .cv and it automatically expands it to Castro Valley)

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