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    I bought a new 1 g lexar sd card. Formatted it in the treo, loaded tons of apps on it. I put it in my card reader and the first thing that pops up is that "do you want it formatted". i check "no" and then nothing happens. Surely I do not have to format it to use the card reader do I? Help!
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    Have you looked for it as a drive on your CPU? It may be just asking if you want to format it, but you shouldn't have to. When I insert my card reader, nothing "happens" but the card is available as a removable drive.
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    It shows as drive "I" and whenI insert the card it wants to format it. Suggestions? Thanks in advance
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    Is this a Sandisk card. Some can be problematic. This happens to me with my 512MB Sandisk.
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    it is a lexar card. what can I do to avoid formatting?
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    The only thing I can think of is to download a trial of cardexport 2 here or the free Palm File Browser here
    Then you could copy all of your data to your hard drive, then format the card and then copy your stuff back to the card. Sorry I don't have a quicker work around.
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    Thanks for the suggestions! Which program would be better to try to someone that is not too computer oriented?
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    I used the card export program successfully. Thanks! One problem: When I inserted the LG lexar card in the card reader and it asked to be formatted, I said yes. It then said it could not be formatted! What is going on???
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    I have no idea. If your treo recognized the card and your CPU recognized it via cardexport then I have to believe the issue is with the card reader.

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