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    I will be moving to the Washington, DC area this fall. I intended to replace my cell phone with a Treo 600 but now that I know a 650 exists, I'm stuck. I currently have Verizon Wireless service, but my contract is up around the time I move, so I can switch. Question: Do I keep Verizon and get the 600, or switch to another service to get the 650? which is more important, the phone or the carrier? Thanks in advance for the help.
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    Ive had great luck with Sprint on my T600 in the DC area....
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    Quote Originally Posted by pingo
    which is more important, the phone or the carrier?
    It doesn't pay to have a $2,000 cell phone if you can't get a signal. So I would say that the carrier is more important. Having said that, I've been in the DC area with Sprint since 1999 without a homephone. The major problem that I have is not being able to get a signal inside many buildings (Fed. Govt.) downtown DC. Other than that, it has worked great for me. But I've never used another carrier. So I can't compare.
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    I live in the Washington, DC Metro area. I have Verizon and the Treo 600 which is good service but their price plans are high. Data/web access for the Treo is $49/month. The same service with Sprint is a whopping $16/month!

    I want to switch to Sprint but I am not sure as I have heard mixed reviews on their service. I hear customer service is not good and years ago people complained of roaming charges and dropped calls. It is possible that these situations have ben resolved with Sprint. If the Treo 650 comes out with Sprint next month, I AM SWITCHING TO SPRINT, period. I am tired of paying high prices with Verizon and waiting to get new technoloy.

    I went to the Verizon store yesterday and I talked with one of the reps there. He told me the he likes Sprint and he still uses Sprint even though he works for Verizon. He said the price plans are better there and he likes the service....go figure......
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    For what it's worth...

    My first carrier was Sprint in the late 1990's. The big problem at the time was occassionally the phone wouldn't ring and the call would go straight to voice mail (still happens occasionally). That wasn't the bad part though, sometimes voicemails wouldn't show up for almost a week! That was very rare, but it was enough to get me to switch to AT&T when I got a new job which required me to be phone available.

    Had AT&T from about 00-03. They started out great, never missed a call etc... though a little pricey. As time went on (and they were converting from TDMA to GSM) their TDMA service started to go downhill. From everything I read their GSM was even worse (mid 03) so I made up my mind to try Sprint again because of their great deals and they had what I wanted, a Treo 600.

    Sprint has improved IMO. AT&T has great coverage (especially their one rate plan), but Sprints coverage is more than adequate unless you plan on traveling to a lot of corn fields. I do occasionally have calls go straight to voicemail when they shouldn't, but your voicemail shows up instantly everytime it happens so it's not a huge deal. I have never missed an important call since I switched back. I'd recommend Sprint unless you're independantly wealthy or do a lot of traveling outside of the US. Best bang for your buck IMO.

    This also assuming Sprints coverage in your hometown is not poor. Ironically one of the few places I have had a problem with a poor signal was in DC, but judging by the other posters in this thread it was probably just a bad spot (it was inside a building).
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    I'd go with Cingular. GSM baby!
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    GSM is shyte. Great in Europa Europa, where everyone is on the same standard, but technically inferior.

    CDMA is the way to go. Had have Sprint for 7 years, and whenever I think of switching, I just try another one, and see how poor they are.

    When CDMA and GSM merge, it will be nice...but that is years away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quake97
    I'd go with Cingular. GSM baby!
    GSM's advantage is only with international calls.........

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