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    Hey all -

    Just wondering if anyone here who has Sprints unlimited data plan & PDANet has ever been charged for their usage?

    I have occasion where Im away from the office where I would like to use PDANet with my T600/Laptop to use Terminal Services to log onto my businesses network.

    If I can do so without being billed, it will without question be a worthwile app to purchase. If Im gonna get billed for my useage (I assume TS eats up quite a bit of bandwidth) then its not. I assume I wouldnt use it more than 2-3 times a month.

    Thanx for the input.
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    I use mine at least once a week and have not been billed. I beleive that they have the right to cancel your data plan if they want to. But I figure ingorance should get you something. Unlimited should be unlimited. Which I believe Webster defines as "without limits".
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    I have used it extensively also...long sessions including audio streaming and logging into corp problems from Sprint.
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    nope its been free
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    I think as long as you dont abuse it and try to download movies you should be ok.
    I use it the way that you are talking about and I have never had any trouble. I just wish I could make do dialup sometimes so I could send a fax
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    It would be better and smarter if these discussions about PDANet and billing would cease for once and for all. Be clear about Sprint and its motivations. We don't need a change in policy because of all this noise, and they do monitor this site. And for those using it as a constant connection, don't be stupid and mess it up for all of us.

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