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    Just received my electronic copy of PC Magazine cover date Oct 19. (ps I get it free via Zinio which I highly recommend)

    Its cover story is on Smart Phones.

    In the Psst New Smartphones it lists the palmone Treo 650 with hi-res 320 x 320 screen, 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, video recording and possible removeable battery with a fall release date through Sprint.

    Disappointingly the Treo 600 is not one of their editor picks that went to the Blackberry 7100t & Nokia 6620.

    The year old Treo got 3.5 stars in every category bar Multimedia where they only scored it 1 star whereas even the Blackberry 7100t got 3 stars for multimedia and it doesn't even have a camera! (also they couldn't test its talk time due to 'software issues' and it scored N/A in software as it was a prerelease version, please!)

    The Blackberry 7100t particularly strikes as a lemon of a phone. The keypad prints letters on a number pad and uses equivalent of T9 input but uses their fancy 'SureTyps' name. Plus the software is very limited compared to Palm, PPC or even Symbian. Will many suckers be caught by this phone?

    If the Treo had 3/5 for multimedia considering it has a camera, free MP3 player software and can play converted DVDs it would have been a standout winner.

    Will be nice to see future articles comparing T650 vs SE910 vs MPx, etc

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    The Treo 600 does suck for multimedia no matter how ya' slice it. A rating of 1 is fair. The blackberry getting a 3 though...ain't to reasonable.

    I think that the Blackberry's Sure Tap or whatever they call it is probably a really good idea. Two letters per key should make it VERY accurate for prediction and it has the ability to learn new words as well. If this had a Palm OS I'd buy it the day it came out. I might still give it a try, but the Treo won't be going too far...

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