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    Has anyone heard of any software/add-on that would allow the treo to function as a dialup PPP server? I have a device that I would like to access remotely. Hopefully, the software/add-on would allow me to dial into the treo and in response, the treo would assign an IP address to the computer that dialed into this treo ppp server and allow the computer to access the device that's attached to the treo out in the field. Is anything like this out there? I know that this can be done using standard devices such as a pc and cellular modem, but I'd like to power the treo and the device connected to it by battery and the current draw is a concern.

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    Could you go about it the other way and have the device initiate a modem call (via the Treo) to your computer, so push instead of polling?

    I don't know of any way to do a dial the other way as you'd need a dhcpd server and other stuff to make it work which probably isn't available on the Treo.
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    What exactly are you trying to connect to the Treo? There are several ppp apps for palmos, but they all work the other way, that is to make a ppp connection with pc to access internet:

    There are also apps like WirelessModem that will allow the Treo to be used as a modem via IR/BT:

    Hope, that helps...
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    Thanks for replying. I'm trying access a Somat eDaq that I normally use with an ethernet cable and a laptop. I'd like to be able to dial in and access the built in webserver with a web browser and modem back at the office while this device is in a remote location collecting data. There is no way to modify this device to dial out, so I need to be able to dial in and establish a ppp connection. It would be nice to take advantage of the treo's ability to function as a modem and relatively low power consumption compared to normal network devices. But like you said, there's a lot of software out there that work in the other direction. I was just really hoping that there was some obscure solution out there that I overlooked.

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