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    Is there a program that will disconnect you from the internet if you forget to manually disconnect. i.e auto disconnect after 5 mins of no activity. scroll, refresh etc. I think I might not have disconnected the other night and I may have been connected for several hours. I don't want to have to pay for connection service just because I forgot to turn it off. Thanks again for any help.
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    Try either Treo Helper or Butler...both on
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    Battery Doctor ($4.99) has a setting to disconnect the data radio x minutes after power off. I have my Treo to auto-off after 1 minute of inactivity and Battery Doctor to turn the radio off immediately upon power off.

    This works well for programs like Blazer where I initiate the connection (power off after I'm done and it kills the data connection as well), and others like MMS that initiate the connections themselves and don't kill them (again, Treo's built-in auto-off setting along with Battery Doctor takes care of this).
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    I downloaded Butler for the express purpose of the automatic disconnect from the internet after a set amount of time, but could not find a setting that would work. What did I miss???

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