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    I know I am gonna look stupid here...but my Treo 600 used to make tones I could hear when I dialed or pushed a a number on a call - so I could tell if I got it when I am driving, etc.

    It stopped...and after looking at every prefrence and every menu and every option I cannot get them to come back on.

    So like when u are listening ot vmail and hit 7 to delete, I used to get a an audible tone.

    Weird thing is tones still sound for extra digits on programmed favorites...

    Is this thing busted somehow from the keyboard or did i muck something up???
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    I hope this is not a stupid reply:

    Make sure that your mute button is in the right position (this is the botton on the top of the unit).
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    Geez do I suck or what. THANK YOU! That was it. Now everyone knows I am an *****. Oh well.

    While we are at it, is there a way to get Sprint vmail to rewind or forward while listening to messages the FRIST time - the 1 and 3 do nothng unless I am listening to a message I saved. Very irritating. I am sure it is something dumb I am doing. May as well expose my dumbness in one thread. hehe

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