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    could there possibly be a glitch with outlook 2002 on xp vs outlook 2003? is there a preferable one to use with the treo 600? i'm having a lot of sync-ing problems - appointments showing up multiple times and at different times, and then outlook not sync-ing at all. i was thinking of starting from scratch and re-installing everything, the laptop and the treo...should i switch to outlook 2003?
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    When you said "showing up at different times" the first thing I thought of was timezone. Outlook will normally adjust appts based on the timezone they originated in and the timezone you have set in your Outlook. This is just a complete shot in the dark that maybe you have a timezone or DST issue. I could be way off but I guess it's better to mention the possibility and take a few seconds to check it out.
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    yes, i definitely do believe it's a time zone issue - so i want to start over from scratch - i have checked the time zones in both places, and i am using the treo over 2 different zones (pacific and mountain) - is the city time feature still glitched?

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