I have owned my palm 600 for about a month now. Here is the problem. I installed some kind of software that changed the appearance of my dial pad. I am not sure what software it was or where to find it. The problem is that now I am locked out of wireless mode. I reset my palm and even uninstalled palmsync on my computer since it also saw the program. Then, the dialpad was the default one from when you get the phone. Everything works fine. Now I re-install palmsync and again, it detects the software and reinstalls it on the palm 600.

Here is my option, either reset my palm and never syn again
Sync away and not have wireless mode, which I need.

Anyone have this problem? I tried taking a picture of if with the replacement palm that they sent me, but the IR didn't work either. I am just afraid to sync the replacement and get this same problem.