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    The "Check Engine" light just came on in my 2000 Toyota Echo. I took it to a mechanic, and he hooked up a little computer and read the error codes. Would it be possible to develop an adapter cable/software so that I could do this myself?

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    Not at this time, the OBD-II tools that mechanics use are VERY EXPENSIVE and are supplied by companies that have partnerships with different makers in the industry.

    There have been open source attempts but none have been very successful.
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    they have this for PPC's... or you can buy the software yourself and hook a laptop up to it.
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    I'd swear I saw such a program for Palm OS a few weeks ago... gotta check.. (it was expensive though.)

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    Car models 96 and newer in the US have OBD2 and need a scanner previous models use OBD1 and the codes could be read using some combination of ignition/pedal depressing
    Useful links on my web-site for this (

    There are free programs ( that use the ELM323 chip( based interface for both Palm based and PPC , kits go from 60 and up. Ideally all you need is a connector and write the software to handle ISO or PWM or PCM depending on your vehicle make

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    You can also buy relatively inexpensive plug in devices for OBD II computers from most autoparts stores and a lot of web based auto accessory retailers.
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