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    I use myTreo for everything... reading, emailing, net surfing, letter writing, watching movies, and oh yeah, as a phone. My little Treo has become an extension of my hand.
    I've noticed lately that Treo has started taking little breaks. I think she's getting tired. For instance, I'm playing solitaire and tap a card and nothing happens. Or, I'm reading a book and hit the 5-way to turn the page and the page doesn't flip. After 10 to 15 seconds a dozen cards flip or a bunch of pages turn. Sometimes Treo won't even respond to the power button. I push to turn on, nothing. Then after about 10 tries, she's back.
    Where did she go? I'm starting to think she's seeing someone else.
    Anyone else having this kind'a problem with 'slacker' Treos?
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    I get that too. I think it's the same thing that effects any computer and is cause for a reboot. So I give my Treo a little refresh by doing a warm reset, and everything's fine forever after.
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    Yeah, I do the same, but the problem always comes back. Between the caches of AvantGo and my web browser, my ram fluctuates by about 3 mb daily. I figure that makes it a little buggy. A soft reset works 'til my next cache dump.
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    For me I think it is Sprint Business Connect and other transfers occurring in the background to sap resources...
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    When I set Colorize (great app by the way) to 16-bit, my Treo was on serious go-slow.
    Also when I upgraded the firmware, Gizmo ran a bit slower too.
    Hmm.. interesting
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    Much like my desktop and laptops I usually "clean" out the system of appz I don't use... and backup then fully discharge the battery then do a hard reset or a factory reset

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