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    I am having the exact same problem. I had not problems yesterday, then I installed the 1.20 Software "upgrade" and now I have problems charging. The light blinks between red and green. The battery does not charge. I have done a soft and hard reset. I have also done a hard reset while the phone is charging. I have also tried different craddles. The battery picture on the upper right appears to be charging with the lighing bolt, but the battery does not show that it is charge more than half way.
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    updated: fully charged last nite. did not see it blinked red and green this moring. i will test it tonite and see if the same issue happens again.
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    Any more follow up information on this topic? I just started seeing this behavior yesterday and my battery goes down about 15% per hour with minimal usage...

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    What else are you guys running on the Treos? I dont believe any of these mysterious behaviors until I hear of someone truly running on the core software and not a bunch of gadgets like IM and Butler in the background.

    Can anyone confirm that their phone does the red/green flash thing with no extra software installed?
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    Have you tried a soft reset yet - as noted in my previous post? It should fix the issue.

    In my opinion, the Blinking Red-Green LED "issue" stems from a corrupt battery stat (left in the Palm memory) after a lot of use - say a year of use. When you try and charge it with the bad stat, the battery will charge up to what it thinks is "full", then stop charging. Once it hits the lower threshold again, will start charging again. Thus the Red-Green Blinking LED.

    I would deactivate all apps that: search the network (i.e. temporarily disable Vision/GPRS), turn the LED on and off (i.e. Butler, etc), then...

    1- Wait until your phone has less than 50% charge.
    2- Soft-reset your phone.
    3- Immediately plug it in to the charger - preferable the desktop charger.
    4- Charge the phone to 100% charge and DO NOT stop this charging process.
    5- Once charged. It should be fine.

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    Thanks for the instructions. I happened to do a variation of them throughout the day yesterday and the phone is functioning as normal today. I appreciate the help.
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