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    I just recently purchased a Treo 600 (Verizon) and I love it.. I have had MANY Pocket PC devices and I have to say this is the best convergance deive I have owned yet. I just recently switched from the Samsung SCH-i600 because I had many issues with it (I had 4 of them in less than 6 months). Now I know that I may have issues with the Treo in the future, but it seems pretty stable so far..

    My one complaint is this, why does EVERYTHING I want to use this device for costs money.. I am not a cheap you know what, and I have no problem purchasing "fun" software and software that replaces somthing that will suite my needs better than what's loaded, but I think Palmone should be embarassed to not include a mail application, video/mp3 player, photo viewer (besides the camera app) and so on... It is amazing..

    The i600 had everything I needed right out of the box, mail application video/mp3 player etc, ability to connect the phone to a laptop as a modem, etc... and the few things that it did not have, that I wanted (pocket TV, games, etc) most were FREE. As I use the phone more and more, I realize that there are functions missing (like using MP3s as ringtones, differnt ringtone per person, etc) that of couse I can add if I purchase the software... I have owned this thing less than a month and have spent almost a hundred bucks on software (MMPlayer, SilverScreen, Snapper mail enterprise) just to start using it for what I needed. I know that there are plenty of free programs, but most of them seem to be games and what not, not applications that I need.. I also know that the people that developed the software need to make money, so I am not complaining about them, just Palmone in general.

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the TERO and the Palm OS is much faster and more stable that the MS Smartphone OS, I just wish I did not have to spend so much money to make it useful..

    There I got that off my chest, so now I feel better... I am not looking for any response per say, just wanted to make an observation.

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    I agree completely. I'm also treo/vzw user and I use it as my modem. Software 34.99
    cable $15
    adapter for headphones $5.99
    It's like, why have us pay several hundred dollars for the device and then nickel and dime us on the comeback. It's just how they can make more money off of us. They say, "hmm....even if only 50,000 people pay $20 for this email viewer, that's a lot more profitable than bundling it so screw em"
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    Amen brother (or sister)! That is my number one complaint with the Treo. Its *almost* unusable without the key apps you mentioned. Lots of folks here talk about how MS has no chance in this market... I disagree. Those who have spent $$ on palm software will find everything needed is already included in an MS Smartphone, and those looking at a palm device will realize how much you need to buy just to get it working. That is a sure fire business strategy guaranteed to sink you in the long term. Just wait until a viable hardware (Treo-esque) platform presents itself for the MS OS...
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    untill after that 650 garbage came out..then you could've gotten a 600 on eBay for MUCH LESS than what you just paid for
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    There is a mail app bundled with the treo and you used to get Pocket Tunes for free if you registered your device (not sure if thats still the case) I have a several paid for apps but all are "specific" needs not something I would expect bundled.

    I was considering the move to PPC but your comments about the stability make me second guess. I would have thought PPC to be more stable.

    Quote Originally Posted by mistertreo
    untill after that 650 garbage came out..then you could've gotten a 600 on eBay for MUCH LESS than what you just paid for
    You said 650 and garbage in the same sentence!
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