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    Dear all,

    For those who do Bass Fishing (for US that is), you should know what's a fishfinder.

    For those who don't, think of it as a sonar that search bodies of water for fish.

    I was just wondering whether there is any way to turn the Treo 600 into a portable fishfinder? Thank you.
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    You might want to talk to one of the gps mfg. I seem to remember that there is one that has software that does avaition, and boating. The only problem I can think of would be that you would need the serial cable that would allow you to attach the piece you throughin the water to the serial port of the phone. If it will work with a watch and a small hand unit there is no reason why it shouldnt work using a pda.

    I might have to try that next spring since I have been looking for a portable fish finder to use when I do the surf fishing thing.
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    The low-res screen wouldn't make for a great image...

    Besides, why do you need a fishfinder for Bass fishing? Walleyes sure, but Bass....?
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    Dear all,

    I mean you guys in the States don't use fishfinders for Bass?

    That's weird. I see people using them on megazines.
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    Minsc is probably right. Fishfinders are used more often for walleyes, however, it all depends on what type of bass you are talking about: smallmouth, striper/wiper, largemouth. Probably less often used for largemouth, though?

    It seems like it should be possible to use the Treo 600 as a fishfinder, however, many of the higher-end models have substantially better resolution and much bigger screens. I use a fishfinder regularly and I can't see myself replacing the big screen with a tiny Treo screen. Nevertheless, there are also many varieties of small, portable fishfinders already on the market, such as the SmartCast:

    So maybe it's in our future?

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    Sorry, I was thinking only about largemouth/smallmouth - not stripers. I have fished for stripers before in the Atlantic and we did use a graph.
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    When I was growing up, fishing was a means of getting away from the wife for a timely nap. My wife hates fishing and therefore, I love it. Ben
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    Dear all,

    So I guess currently, there are no fishfinder solutions for the Treo 600? Oh well, I was thinking of getting cheap fishfinders, something that a student can afford, seems like it would be difficult.

    Anyway, you guys know that fish that caused an uproar in Maryland? That northern snakehead? Yeah...over here in asia, we consider it a sportfish. Man do these fish play dirty.
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    There are a couple of inexspensive fish finders. Check out the sports authority or walmart. there are three portables that come to mind. One is hooked up to a watch, The second one looks like a lure and you just cast it and the third one is a portable unit. All 3 are under $125. Walmart had them on sale a little while ago for like $60.
    Where in MD./VA/DE/PA area are you trying to fish. Are you fishing from a bridge, pier, shore, are you wading, using a small boat. All that will determine what type of fish finder you use. Yes I fish alot and yes you can now use your MD. license in the ajoining states. MD. is a funny state, you get more time in jail for fishing without a license or going over the limit than you do for commiting a violent crime.

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