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    I just bought a 180 but it came installed with CJKOS V4.27. Now whenever, I try to uninstall it I get an error message saying Cannot delete . DB in rom.

    Please help as this app takes over and changes the language whenever I do a reset.


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    What is a CJKOS v4.27? Back up first and then hard reset. Check if it is still there. If not, look for the application in your backup folder on your PC and delete it. Then resync.
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    CJKOS is the Chinese, Japanese, Korean language pack. I have tried hard reset but did not work. While trying to delete , get a message saying application in rom. It is also not present in my back up folder on pc. Thanks.
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    I missed your statement about the software being in ROM. I don't believe that there is a way to remove software in ROM via available user tools.

    For 180/270 devices, there's no way users can flash the device ROM chips. Most of the updates available are add on features but not replacement.

    For now, you cannot unload that software.
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    you got the msg bc the software is enable everytime after your reset the unit. you have to disable the software first.

    i do not have a 180/270, but does FileZ work in these models? if so, you can first, disable the CJKOS, then soft-reset, and use the fileZ to delete anything starting with CJK.

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