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    This is the only software I know of that provides RT stock quotes with no annual fee. (It's skeleton home page is However, the software doesn't work. Quotes don't update every time. I haven't received any reply from the dev, and was wondering if someone here has experience with it.
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    I've tried the software and all I can really say about it is that it is a very young product. It has potential but it's not there yet. No replies from the dev is a little concerning though....
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    HillCast has just added historical day-charting and analytics as a feature of MidCast Pro on the Treo 600.
    You can donload a free demo at and click on Take a Trial.
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    This would be great if it worked right. Hopefully they'll get it together soon.
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    StockBroker 1.2

    After a small delay we have finally developed an awaited version of StockBroker which solves many problems reported us by users. In the new version one will also find the short sell strategy, enhanced Treo's 5-way support and other improvements.

    29 October, 2004
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    SB 1.2 works great. Still some minor bugs, but nothing dramatic.

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