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    I have a card reader and have created a map folder, audio folder, app folder, and a mid folder.

    I have a couple of demo maps from mapopolis, a midi, a bunch of mp3s, and 1 program in each of the appropriate folders.

    If i am in the applications section of the treo, and use the pull down to click on "card", nothing shows up. Is this normal?

    I downloaded Filez (per someone's suggestion) for moving files around and i can see the files that way, but are you not supposed to see the contents of the card otherwise?

    And if you move an application to the card, how do you access it? Are you supposed to then move it back to the treo's ram to use it?

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    The "app" folder on the card is actualy <card>\palm\launcher\*.prc

    YOu can easily create that structure by finding a small app, and syncing it to the sd card using the hotsync, or use filez to create the folder structure.

    Some apps dont run well from the SD card. In general, if an app creates data, stores data, or manipulates data, it needs to run from RAM unless you have specific apps to allow you to run from the SD.
    Some apps that run fine all by themselves from SD are Klondike, Irogue etc.

    I have found another solution. I use SplashMoney, and TealAuto from the SD card. What I did was install the apps to RAM, oen them up (so they created the other pdb files they need for data storage/manipulation) then move the actual program (*.prc) to the SD card vua filez. Since the apps are hundresds of K and the data is tens of bytes this frees up some of my RAM.

    Hope this helps.
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    I deleted the "app" folder and i found the palm/launcher folder that was already pre-created on the card. When i used the 'move' feature to transfer a small app, it asked me for the path. I typed in the palm/launcher path and it transfered and worked just fine. Am i going to have to re-type "palm/launcher" every time i move a file? I have a bunch to move and would hope it retains the info.

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    If your version of filez is lower than 6.x then yes you will need to type in the path. If you get filez ver 6.x you can click on the folder you want to copy tooo (much nicer!)
    Or you can get something like card export II and access the card via your PC like a mapped drive. THis is the easiest, and the app has a fully functional demo version that expires after 30 days.
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    I'm using version 5.21000. I'll search for the latest one now. thanks. steve
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    actually, the 5.2 was the palm os. i'm using the 6 beta and it the path thing works very well. thanks. steve

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