I have a Treo 180 and plan to buy a Treo 270 to upgrade. When i got my Treo 180, somehow I managed to copy ALL my SIM card numbers to my Phonebook Contact List without any problem. of course now I've forgotten how I did it, but when i tried it recently, I can't seem to do it...the SIM BOOK program only allows you to copy sim numbers onto your speed dial. Previuosly when I did it (the method of which i've obviously forgotten), it went straight into my Phonebook/Contact List - with names and numbers in the name and mobile no. fields respectively. Can I ask how does one import from SIM to Phonebook?

Also, I've purchased a non-Treo mobile phone recently and would like to use my stored numbers between both devices. Therefore, I would like to copy all my Treo Phonebook/Contact List items onto the SIM. I can't find any way to do it. Anyone has suggestions?