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    I'm trying to come up with an easy, automated way to port Tivo streams to mmplayer**. I use tystudio to create an mpeg file from a download tivo tystream. This results in a pretty big file that I then run through ffmpeg to downsample to something mmplayer can handle.

    So far, I have had some limited successs. I keep messing with the ffmpeg settings trying to get the right mix of bitrates, codecs, etc.

    I was wondering if I'm reinventing the wheel. has anyone else had success doing this?

    If so, please show me your ffmpeg command line. It's a pretty advanced app with a lot of options. I'm sure I'll get there eventually but was hoping for some help.

    Once I have a repeatable, working recipe/script I will post results.


    Note: If you're curious about Tivo and extracting recordings, go to
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