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    I bought a treo 270, and I've got a t-mobile plan on my cell(motorola v60g) and I want to switch to the basic plan, but I want to know if by signing up for t-zones I can basically go online anyway, or do I have to get the "sidekick data" plan for 29.99, I would like to use it for pop email such as yahoo, and acess my optimum online email, etc, and go on ebay and such, you know, just go online if need be. I'm currently on the get more plan for 39.99, and I know it seems I shoudl be asking tmobile, but they don't have forums, and I figured you treo-ists might be willing to help, thanks.
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    None of the above. T-zones won't work with the 270, but you can get the unlimited data plan for only $19.99 (not the more expensive sidekick data plan). There is a thread on here somewhere with directions to use t-zones with a 270, but I've never been able to get it to work - it may be area specific, like the voicemail icon/sms.
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    Here are the directions and setting to utilize surfing with T- Zones
    You will have issues using the installed Blazer browser, but you can get net surfing if you download AVANTGO browser (free) @
    It really works great on my 270 Use it as your browser, no proxy needed and you can travel most of the web... Yahoo mail work thru that (without push)

    Verichat is working on the $4.99 T-Zones wap as well.... You have to use the program to get to AIM and IRC as well as Yahoo and MSN. BUt you can do it as part of unlimited $4.99 plan

    To set up ...
    in Blazer go to
    network preferences/
    Name it what you want to (T-ZOnes)
    login leave blank
    password -Unassigned-

    when you set up your network preferences.. click on
    fallback = none/
    ip address check automatic
    query dns unchecked
    primary dns
    secondary dns

    Use the Avantgo Regular HotSync Browser browser (do not use the Avantgo wireless browser)...

    You will probably have issues with EBay and i am not sure about pop mail... but if you get a yahoo mail or msn hotmail account you will find it is an easy work around
    Go to and sign up for basic free service with and download there hotsync browser, not the wireless version. make your own custom favorites pages rather than using the ones they have.... It might take a little time to do the work around.... but you will amaze your friends and coworkers what you cool little 270 can do for 4.99 a month...

    any issue send me a message...
    good luck...
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    I've had a 270 since February and a 180g for almost two years before that, always with T-Mobile. I've always managed to dial up my Earthlink account for e-mail and minor web surfing without any additional T-Mobile plans. The calls are marked as data calls on the bill, but just count toward ordinary minutes. This method isn't 100% reliable -- sometimes the Earthlink network jams up and won't accept the call. But if you're not using the device as your main e-mail conduit, it works pretty well. Not sure if it'll work with optonline or not, but it's probably worth popping the SIM card into the Treo and trying it. You have to configure the Network preferences for your e-mail account -- I think the PalmOne pages should have walk-throughs for that. (Handspring used to, anyway.)

    By the way, I've never heard anyone mention this, but Eudora (email) and EudoraWeb (a small PDA browser) work very well for me on the 270. Eudora's got a nice system where it downloads the beginnings of long messages first, and then the rest only if you request it.


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