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    I don't know whqt happen to my 180, i get a lot of errors.... too much errors!
    I cant use it.

    for example:
    ../Src/SGMGlobals.c, Line 255, Feature not found (I can this now)

    Memory errors,
    (ir)reversible errors.
    sometimes it freeze.
    today, for example is UNUSABLE.

    Ther is nothing installed and the problems won't go away also after an hard reset.
    I got more errors after the last gprs update.
    Other information: I bought it used: Idon't know if the seller have installed any firmware udate.

    my treo is dying or you can help me?
    Is possible to really remove anything and restore the original configuration?

    thanks in advance.

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    ../Src/SGMGlobals.c, Line 255, Feature not found (I can see this now)
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    I have the same problem.... things like this started a few days ago. Hard resets won't work, and I'm getting screen scrambles and flickers and then just plain nothing. Sometimes hard reset not even possible.

    Have had my Treo for 2 years, no prob... don't know if it's dying but I'd like some advice!
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    After a lot of unuseful hard reset and hotsync,
    I took a look at the handspring folder in c:\programs (programmi, in italy).
    after a backup ok my "Eli" folder and after a new hotsync, I got the same problems...
    But, in the Handspring folder, I see an "update" folder... I zipped it and deleted the original folder, I also deleted my folder.
    After an hotsync, all go well, Ihad loaded all my old datas and now all is ok!

    I don't know what is it, but the "update" folder (made by handspring) seems to be my problem


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